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Related links – info is the free encyclopedia for UK steel construction, drawing together a wealth of steel construction information and advice in a simple to use, searchable, and familiar wikipedia format.

CEN Eurocodes – CEN (the European Committee for Standardization) has recently published a site with extensive information on the Eurocodes, including links to background information and training.

SCI – The Steel Construction Institute have been intimately involved in the development of the Eurocodes and are therefore ideally placed to assist in your needs. The SCI has produced numerous publications to aid design to the new codes, including design guides, design data (blue book) and worked examples. SCI have been running courses on Eurocode 3 steel design at locations all over the country and on-line and can even develop bespoke courses to best meet your particular needs.

Eurocode 7 – The Geocentrix website hosts information and details of courses on geotechnical design to Eurocode 7.

In addition, the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Structural Engineers host periodic seminars relating to the Eurocodes.  Details will be available on their websites.

Other useful links

The following websites also contain useful information related to the implementation of Eurocodes.

CEN – This is the website of the European Committee for Standardization.

BSI – BSI is the UK National Standards Body and a member of CEN.  BSI will be responsible for publishing the Eurocodes in the UK.  Their website includes information on the technical content of the Eurocodes and the anticipated publication schedule.

Institution of Structural Engineers - The IStructE website hosts the reports of the Standing Committee for the Implementation of Eurocodes.

Austrian Eurocodes website – The Austrian website contains useful information in English about the Eurocodes and their implementation in Austria.